And so it begins…

It has taken me ALL DAY to figure out this blogging malarky! The above picture was me, taken at 10 am this morning! Cup of tea, TV playing in the background while researching exactly what it is I am getting  myself into!

But now, 2 meals, many snacks, some more TV and 11 hours later, I am eventually the proud owner of a site I am happy with, for now at least!  I know it has very little on, and I know that this is a terrible first post!  But… give me a break, I am new to the wonderful world of blogging, text alignment, dashboards and widgets.

Anyway, I have written a bit of a bio for anyone interested, just click on the Little ol’ me tab at the top of the page and I shall introduce myself properly.

Comments from friends, old and new, are very very welcome.


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9 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Canny intro, ye big wet blanket. I’ll read your blogs from Boston if you send me some peanut butter M&Ms over. Thanks. Good luck x

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