The birthday boy in Boston with Sandy

For the first time since we got together, I didn’t wake up this morning with Phil on his birthday.  He was thousands of miles away, in a different time zone.  His card was sent by post and his present was e-mailed to him!

The reason for this is that after he got offered the new job, he has been spending his time working between Sunderland and Boston.

Instead of being able to go with him, my body decided to get a rare disorder called Achalasia , which basically, for you none medical people like me, means that my throat doesn’t work properly.  The muscles inside my throat are out of order, as is a little valve at the bottom of my esophagus which should open up to let the food that has slid down my non-working throat, into my belly.

However, as it is kaput and stays shut, this meant, amongst other lovely symptoms, choking on food and vomiting it back up.  Hey, I never said it was gonna be pretty!  After a multitude of tests on my throat involving cameras, wires, tubes and barium, I was told it was unfixable! However, surgery would make a considerable difference and so that was that.

And so, I had surgery a week ago yesterday.  I had never been in hospital for anything before other than visiting and a few tests recently, so I was very nervous! Phil had been asked to go out to Boston just the week prior to me getting my surgery date, talk about bad timing!  I was scared about going through with it without him, and he was stuck in another country worried sick about my health.  That is when his Super Bosses came to our rescue.  They heard that I had my date, and they VERY generously offered to fly him home so he could be with me from being admitted into hospital, to being discharged.  We were blown away by this unexpected act of kindness and as you can imagine we took them up on their offer with much gusto!

So Phil flew home and into hospital I went.  It was a four hour operation and all went well.  My memories of this traumatic time are revealing intimate secrets to all and sundry and swearing when chatting to nurses whilst off my face on Morphine and general anaesthetic.  I also must have taken a few photographs as I found these on my phone… (“No” I hear you cry, “Julie taking photographs at inopportune moments, it can’t be true!” Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, is what I have to say to you.)


The next day I ate for the first time in 3 days! I had been on a fluid only diet leading up to, and the day of the surgery.  I had a cup of tea and some cereal and it was the greatest thing ever!

I am now home and no longer bed bound, I have made it to the sofa! As I type I have on my very unsexy white compression stockings and a tummy and abdomen that looks like a scene out of the board game Operation.  Minus the rubber band and flashing red nose.  But I have just had my dressings removed this afternoon and I feel good.

I have had to miss the Sunderland match tonight, which I wasn’t happy about!  On reflection though, since we were beaten 1 nil by one of our local rivals, I think I had the best seat in the house here at home!

Anyway, back on topic…

Phil turned 27 today! And I wasn’t there.  Well, not in person anyway!  But Skype is our friend thankfully, and I got to see his face when he opened his step by step birthday e-mail with instructions on when to open what!  I think he was pleased with his present of tickets to see Muse play at TD Gardens.  Along with The Rolling Stones, they are his favourite band.  So the girl done good by all accounts.

The wait for him to wake up this morning and get in touch was agonising! Even though the time difference is only 4 hours now (England just turned our clocks back an hour a couple of days ago) it felt like an eternity.  An eternity of watching the news channels playing videos and photographs from the utter devastation that Hurricane Sandy had caused to New York, New Jersey, and the East Coast of America.  He had told me that where he was wouldn’t be affected as much as the other areas along the East Coast, but as much as I trust his word, I don’t trust the path of a tropical cyclone!!  But true to his word he was fine and dandy, and I could finally relax and enjoy singing Happy Birthday.

Lots of families and loved ones across the USA weren’t as lucky this morning.  Hurricane Sandy has taken lives and ruined others.  Homes, cities and people have been wrecked by this vicious natural disaster and my heart goes out to everyone affected.  Buildings and subways can be fixed, and  they will be.  The lives of the people affected by Sandy can’t be.  It is something I had never considered about living in America, but let me tell you, it’s definitely been brought to my attention over the past 24 hours.  We are very lucky in England that we don’t see such things, excessive rain pour caused problems not too long back, and it is a millionth of the scenes happening all over the United States.

I hope everyone who reads this is safe and well, and your families, friends and loved ones are too.

And with that I think I will bid you goodnight.  I have a date with a very sexy man via webcam!

Happy Birthday Phil.  Let’s make sure we are together this time next year eh?  I have aged a year today, never mind you! ❤


6 thoughts on “The birthday boy in Boston with Sandy

    • Birthday Boy! I am glad you have had a nice day, table football was the winner today though, I can’t compete with that! :p

      And just cos it’s your birthday you don’t get away without a telling off… Cos I was rushing to get on Skype to you I sent out a half finished blog entry to cyber world, people who receive e-mails will be wondering why I just stopped talking around about the paragraph about football!?! Haha.


  1. I just found your blog through the Boston Bloggers Facebook page and started following. I think what you have done so far is great and I can’t wait to read more!

    I wish you a speedy recovery and a very safe journey here to Boston! I hope you love our city. (I was born and bred here!)

    Happy birthday to your hubby and congrats to him on the new job!

    Tesori Belle

    • Hi Deana,
      I am so pleased you popped in for a peek at my blog, thank you for your kind words! 😀 I am thoroughly enjoying writing the blog, it makes me really look forward to the things to come! 😀
      Your blog is great, I have just been reading through it and have already picked up some tips and advice to add to my ever growing list. So exciting 🙂

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