Raise your glass, no more meds!

My prescription medication came to an end this weekend, and so I done what any self respecting mackem would do, I celebrated with a few drinks!

On Saturday, I wrapped up in a jumper and jeans, woolly socks, big fluffy boots, a hat, scarf and gloves and set off outside the house for the first time since my operation (other than a trip to the doctors last week to get my dressings removed, which really was as exciting as it sounds.)

What was it that dragged me out of my poorly bed and saw me braving the cold?  Football of course!

It wasn’t as straight forward as I’d hoped though, Phil had taken our season cards with him to America after his fleeting visit back home for my surgery!  He had popped them in his wallet, for safe keeping, and very safely kept them there on a 7 hour flight across the bleeding Atlantic! Realising his error, he posted them back, but delays due to Hurricane Sandy meant they weren’t back in time, so off to the ticket office we went to pick up paper copies for £5 each!*  I was going to the match with my Dad, so my Mam drove us there an hour before kick off to give us plenty of time to sort it all out.  The fact that I am living a ten minute stroll from the ground and felt fine to walk didn’t seem to matter, Mams know best and so I done as I was told!

*It just so happened I knew the girl who served me from school, and she kindly let me off with the charge.  Nice one!!  You know who you are if you read this, I won’t mention any names obviously!

Once inside the ground, my Dad treated me to a nice pint of cider.  Just what the doctor ordered I have to say!

This is my last match until I come home for Christmas, and I was pleased to be spending it with my Dad.  He seemed pretty up for it himself, although he wasn’t confident that we would win.

And rightly so as it turned out!   I won’t give a match report, as I realise not everyone would want to read that, but I will say that it wasn’t the best team performance I have ever seen!  The big players are not playing well enough, and we are not scoring goals.  Without one, you will never get the other.

Saying  that though, I think it done me good getting out and screaming obscenities, chanting and singing my heart out for the lads.  I saw my friends who I go to the match with every week, and got to say goodbye until Boxing Day, when we will all be in the Christmas spirit, quite literally no doubt in our case – vodka, Jack Daniels etc, for our home game against Manchester City.  Nice easy one to welcome me back then…

Straight back home after the match, worn out and disappointed with the result.  I was a little bit sore, but not as bad as I thought I would be.  I poured myself a glass of wine and spent the night watching reality TV and resting up.

On Sunday morning, my Mother and Father in law came to pick me up to take me out for breakfast then to visit the grandparents in law before I leave on Saturday.  We went to a lovely little coffee shop on Sunderland Harbour called The Snow Goose Cafe and I had a deluxe hot chocolate and some chocolate caramel shortbread.  Very tasty.  I also got an early birthday present!  As I am going to be in Canada for my birthday in December, Phil’s Mam and Dad gave me a bag with cards and presents in to take with me.  However, one of them I was told to open now as I would need it for my trip! Excitedly I unwrapped the Cath Kidston paper already knowing that I was going to love whatever was inside.  A gorgeous luggage tag and strap for my case.  I will I have the prettiest case on that conveyor.


When we had finished breakfast, we headed over to see Nana and Granda Randle.  After a quick cup of tea, Granda had the beers out, and as it would be rude to make the man have a drink by himself in his own house, I took him up on the offer and joined him in a glass of Stella.

Over the course of the next few hours we made our way through more than a couple of drinks…

and had a trip down Memory Lane as we looked through a few of Nana Randle’s photograph albums of my new family over the years and Granda Randle’s collection of rare banknotes from England and further afield.

I had a lovely afternoon, and as I left was given a fantastically retro Christmas jumper from Nana Randle that she had knitted over 20 years ago, to keep me warm in Toronto.  I absolutely love anything like this and I am very excited to wear it out there, with jeans and some nice warm boots to complete the look.  Now I really want a one with Rudolph on.  It is my aim to find one, or sweet talk Nana into knitting me one.

I got home to an empty house, so took advantage of the peace and quiet by pouring myself another drink, putting my feet up and watching some football.

All in all a lovely final weekend in chilly Sunderland spent with family, before heading out to even chillier Toronto.

5 more sleeps to go!   Cheers! *Clinks glass*


2 thoughts on “Raise your glass, no more meds!

  1. We had a great day Julie, so pleased you liked your early birthday present :). Granda Randle didn’t need much arm bending to have a Stella with you mind! ha ha. You’re definitely a true Randle now! xx

    • I was laughing when I got the text to say that he was knocking out the Z’s infront of the match! Haha.
      Love my present, I am just packing some stuff up now. Exciting! xx

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