Best foot forward!

Well said Marilyn.  I intend to do just that!

Firstly, apologies to my male friends who are reading this blog post (well, apart from the ones who are just as addicted as me when it comes to shopping, of which there are a few of you actually.)   It is about shoes!

What is it about shoe shopping that most of us women just love so much?  Is it the smell of the leather?  The feel on your feet?  The way a great pair of shoes can alter your mood?  I can’t put my finger on the exact reason, as I expect it is a culmination of all of the above and more, but what I do know is that whatever the occasion, it is likely that women will find a way of buying some new footwear because of it!

If you work hard for your money, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t reap the benefits of your labour.  Even with bills and rent/mortgage to cover, in my humble opinion you should always try to set a little aside to treat yourself.  It makes getting up and going into work on those cold, miserable mornings that little bit more bearable.  Everyone is different though, and your vice may not be shoes; it could be something as small as a cream cake or something as big as a boat!  You may be a girl who doesn’t ‘do’ shoes, like a few ladies I know, and their idea of treating themselves would be to go out and visit a museum, or buy a power tool.  There is no right choice, it is personal preference and usually wage dependant, but regardless of your choice of spoil, it is my opinion that everyone should have one.

Credit to Sally Evans for the image

Luckily for me, my husband feels the same.  So when I text him from the the shoe shop yesterday explaining my dilemma of having found two gorgeous pairs of boots that I was having trouble choosing between, he said if I had the money in my bank then go ahead and get both.  This is not the reason why I love him, obviously, but it sure as hell makes it easier 😉

My shoe dilemma started when deciding which of my vast collection I should take to Toronto.  Winter means boots, and boots are probably my favourite items that adorn my feet!  However, I tend to fall in love with the boots I buy and wear them until they are literally dropping off my feet.  Last winter’s boots had done just that and so I was running short on choices.  Knowing the weather is going to be cold, wet and snowy, my array of stilettos/sandals/ballet pumps stayed untouched. (Well mostly, I thought maybe I should pack at least one pair of heels for any big nights out?  A girl’s gotta be prepared.)

I also got out my trainers, which will be needed for exercise, and set them aside ready to pack with my gym clothes.

Next up – an absolute must for the winter months… my Hunter wellies.  If it were  socially acceptable, I would wear these all day, every day, no matter the weather!  I am with Paddington Bear on this one.

Infact, what with my English accent, love of hats, the fact I have an eerily similar blue duffel coat complete with wooden toggles and my wellington boots I’m actually turning into Michael Bond’s loveable creation!  I could see me developing a love of marmalade sandwiches and Phil popping a note round my neck requesting that the good people of Toronto take care of this bear!

I have a great pair of Converse boots that I picked up in Florida, and as yet, I’m undecided as to whether to take these along.  I think it comes down to whether I am under my baggage allowance weight when everything else is packed.  I love them, and they are very comfortable, but being suede they might not take to wet weather kindly.

I am thinking of making my hand luggage shoes only.  I have a tendency to pack too many shoes when going anywhere, hence why these boots are on the ‘maybe list’ along with the stilettos.  Although I would be very sad to leave the killer heels behind, I think they could be a luxury I may be willing to do without considering the FREEZING place I am going to!

So, other than wellies, it looked like I needed some more boots to take along.  Boots for different situations.  If I am to leave my dressy shoes at home, I will still need something that could be worn with an outfit for a night out.  If I don’t take my Converse I am going to need some comfortable boots that will be nice to walk around in wet, but not necessarily wellington boot, weather.

With this in mind, my best friend Kelly accompanied me shopping.  As if I needed encouragement, Kelly oohed and ahhed in all the right places, advising me that a good pair of boots are an investment, and of course the sales clerk whole heartedly agreed.

There followed the text to Canada, and with Phil’s blessing, two wonderful pairs of new boots were purchased.

First up, I bought a pair of red Hush Puppies ankle boots, with a 6cm heel from Schuh.  They are as comfortable as slippers and look and feel great.  They will be smart enough to wear with a dress and tights for a night out, and would also look great with skinny jeans and a chunky jumper on a cooler day.  I love the boldness of the red, and think it will add a sometimes well needed touch of colour to a dark, winter outfit.


Next, I decided to be sensible and go for some flat, sturdy boots that would keep me warm and dry and comfortable when exploring the nooks and crannies of Toronto.  I found these perfect Steve Madden brown calf boots with buckles in Debenhams and knew straight away these were just the ticket.  Reminiscent of my old biker boots (RIP), I feel these will go really well with  jeans, tucked in or out, and just as well with a pretty dress, adding a touch of tomboy to something girly.  These boots are exactly my style, and right up my street.

If you have made it this far you will probably say I am over analysing the shoe situation, and if you are a bloke, or one of the non-shoe loving women I mentioned earlier, you will be commenting that surely one pair of boots would be enough.  You are probably also thinking that I have gone slightly mad and wondering how the hell my poor husband puts up with this every holiday we take together.

Well you are probably right on all counts, I never claimed to be perfect, but when all else fails, I only need to look to the Blonde Bombshell to sum it up more eloquently than I could.  Over to you Mazza…


7 thoughts on “Best foot forward!

  1. I didn’t think it was possible to write so much about shoes! And I actually enjoyed it. You must be a good writer because I definitely haven’t caught gay. xx

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