I think I’m gonna like it here!

Driving from the airport, winding down from the stresses of the journey from Hell and seeing the skyline of Downtown Toronto through the hazey mist gave me just the buzz I needed!

We were both very excited to see where we would be living for the next 5 weeks; up until this point Phil had been staying in a hotel close to the airport, waiting for me to arrive.  But now we were headed to our new Toronto home and couldn’t wait to find it!  I was in charge of directions, much to the horror of all of my male readers I am sure!  So finding it wasn’t exactly the smooth sailing ride we were both hoping for.  Canadian roads are tricky!  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

But find it we did (eventually) and WOW!!  We absolutely love it!  It is a brand new building close to the harbour and the CN Tower, you cannot turn around without seeing a famous downtown Toronto landmark.  Exactly what we wanted.

We had people advising us about the best places to live in Toronto, in their opinion, and as helpful as some of them were, we both knew we wanted to be around this area.  It is walking distance to everywhere we want to explore, and as we are only here until Christmas we wanted to be touristy, especially me – with Phil being at work during the week I wanted to be within walking distance of the harbour as well as  the entertainment district and the fashion district etc.  So as soon as we drove up to it, we knew we had chosen correctly!  Especially when we saw it had 2 pubs underneath, a sure sign it was meant to be!

We were absolutely thrilled when we walked into the apartment and saw how gorgeous it is! Pictures can not do it justice! It has a balcony off both the living room and bedroom which over looks the harbour of Lake Ontario and some other apartment blocks, and the front door walks straight out to the CN Tower!


We feel like we are living in an episode of Candadian Friends!  It is everything we had hoped for and more.

Guided tour anyone?  Come in.  Please excuse any mess, I didn’t have time to tidy, I wasn’t expecting visitors 😉

This is the sitting room, leading out to the balcony…


The kitchen is awesome! MASSIVE fridge and freezer, HUGE cooker and microwave and a dishwasher!


Next, to the bathroom, complete with the kind of mirror I can pretend I am getting ready for a scene, rather than an ordinary day.  I really am that sad!

I would say welcome to where the magic happens, but both sets of parents are reading this so I will just say this is the bedroom…


And there it is, our humble abode!! Although there a few things extra I feel I need to share with you, which just thrilled me.  We have a washer dryer in the apartment, so no communal laundry room, which is always a bonus, and we have a garbage chute in the corridor!! Like in the movies.  Like a real life trash hole thingymajig.  This excited me a lot, not sure if you can tell.

I had been instructed upon arrival that we should open an envelope from our bezzies, The Wests’, and inside was a Good Luck card with a lovely message written in.  That is for our teary eyes only I am afraid, but the advice on the front is so good it needs sharing.  Thanks Kelly, Ian and Emily, missing you loads already.

Our very kind landolord had left us a welcome to your new home treat, so we got comfy (in other words, I got my nightie on.  I do love lounging in my jarmas!) and snuggled down to enjoy them!


Yes, the lovely ginger orphan Annie isn’t the only one who is sure she likes her new pad!

I know I’m gonna like it here!


9 thoughts on “I think I’m gonna like it here!

  1. This is insaaane!!! I am so so so jealous it looks amazing!!! Photoes r fab but I bet they don’t do justice! Keep me updated! Xxx

    • I took a couple of these photos last night and a couple this morning, but yeah you are right, it does it no justice at all, it is absolutely gorgeous! 😀 Really love it here. Couldn’t think of anywhere better to finish up my recovery. xx

  2. It looks amazing! I am insanely jealous of your little adventure, and loving the blog ☺
    Hope you’re both having a fab time exploring your new home! xx

  3. Looks fab! Rather jealous. Enjoy being a lady of leisure and exploring the place whilst somebody (!) is at work…. P.S don’t think I have a magnet from Toronto…XXX

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