No plans means one thing… hic!

Beer and sports

This weekend, Phil and I decided that we would basically chill out, for the first time since being here we didn’t have plans to do anything so we thought we would relax and see where the wind took us!

And that is how the weekend came to be able to get summed up in 5 words.

Drink.  Football.  Pubs.  Boxing.  Hangover.

So with that summary telling the story, the only thing left is to look through my phone and post the tomfoolery I caught on camera…


Quiet night in, wine and chocolate for me, beers for Phil.  We watched Duck Dynasty (a new favourite of ours) and caught up on some Breaking Bad.  Eased into the weekend!  I annoyed us both by singing ‘Wine and Hershey’s Kisses’ to the tune of ‘Let’s all do the Conga’ for the majority of the night.

Wine and Hershey's kisses


We started our day, as we do most Saturday’s, watching Sunderland.  This morning we decided to go to the Harbour Sports Grille to watch it.  As it was so early we had the place to ourselves.  We thought there might be some Chelsea fans kicking about, but nope, just us shouting and bawling at loads of tellys!

We had beers and breakfast and watched Sunderland get beat, again.  Nice drinks, nice food, nice bubble gum with our bill, but we won’t mention the football.


Ahem, sorry!

Apart from that, we won’t mention the football.

Harbour Sports Grille

We then stopped into the apartment so I could find a stream of ITV and watch the Mcfly Show.  I might be half way across the world, but I aint missing my boys’ new TV programme, no siree!  They were brilliant.  Good, clean, old fashioned, light hearted Saturday night (or dinnertime in my time zone) entertainment.  Jolly good show chaps!

Mcfly entertaining the nation

After much Mcfly hilarity, we went to meet someone Phil has been working with, called Manuel, who is in Toronto for a few weeks from Mexico.  He isn’t particularly what you could call a fan of Canada!  He doesn’t like the cold at all, and hadn’t been into the city on his visit yet, so after his whistle stop tour of the attractions he met us for a few beers and a warm up in the pub.

We went to Hoops Sports Bar and Grille, and stayed here for a few drinks to watch the Army V Navy American football game that was being shown.  Great place, I loved the basketball themed lights.  There were TVs everywhere, at every table, covering every wall, in the bathrooms and even in the floor!

HoopsAfter the game we went to Jack Astor’s and moved onto the pitchers while watching the bar staff make cocktails.  We sat in the perfect spot for this, and the barman responded great to my compliments, putting on a private show for us of his skills.  Seriously impressive, knocked spots off Tom Cruise I have to say! I wish I had videoed it or something, but I was well on my merry way by now, hence the cheering of the cocktail tricks!

Lovely bar, bit swanky compared to the sports bars we had been in all day.  Nice change, and great entertainment!

Jack Astor'sManuel, not used to drinking this much, headed off home after Jack Astor’s.  We walked with him to the station, and I beat him in a bubble blowing competition and bullied him into coming ice skating with me at some point.  Really lovely young lad, liked him a lot.  Although he has terrified me about ever visiting Mexico City!  It’s off the bucket list.

We wanted prime seats for the boxing, and knew just the place we wanted to be, The Real Sports Bar, directly outside the Air Canada Centre.  This place is like Mary Poppins’ bag! You walk into something that looks relatively small and then it blows you away by how HUGE it is!  TV’s as big as the side of the side of your house, hundreds of sofas, excellent bar and great atmosphere.

Credit to for the image

Credit to for the image

Real Sports bar

We had a fantastic night, lots of drinks and laughs.  Not to mention a jug of cheesecake! Lordy me, I was in my element!

The UFC was on first,  they really love that here in Canada and there was cheers as loud as at the football throughout.  The more drinks we had, the more of a boxing ‘expert’ I became, so by the time Pacquiao V Marquez started, I was shadow boxing, cheering and whooping with the best of them!  Brilliant fight and a brilliant night!! 😀 I do love being a girl who loves sports.


Opening my eyes on Sunday morning I had changed my mind, I wished I was a girl who loved cups of tea and early nights.  Rough as a proverbial badger’s behind.  Lazed, moaned, ate hangover food and watched hangover TV (New Girl and Breaking Bad season 4 finale – outstanding!)

Saying that though, as bad as the hangover was, this weekend was just what we needed.  Nothing major, just a couple of chilled out days with a nice day of sports and booze in the middle.

Go Team Randle!


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