Christmas Party with Marty!

Christmas party with Marty

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to see Sunderland win… AT ALL!! 😀

Get in my bonny lads in red and white!  You have kicked off my Christmas party this year, and just when we needed it too.

Anyone who knows their football will tell you that Sunderland AFC are not on Santa’s nice list this year.  We have been terrible and we desperately needed to win today/tonight (depending on your time zone) and win we did!

Phil was at work for the match so I had to drag myself to the pub all afternoon to watch it by myself.  I know, it’s a hard job, but someone has got to do it.  I was going to head into downtown and go to Scallywags as we had previously met some SAFC people there, but after a few messages saying they couldn’t make it, I decided on somewhere within stumbling distance.  This is because I am ever the optimist, and could foresee some celebration beers were going to be in order!

I spoke to the staff and was very generously given my own TV to watch the match on!  They gave me my choice of area and I chose a quiet corner at the end of the bar, as there were quite a few people in the pub and none of them were there for the footy!

So there I was, in Harbour Sports Grille, otherwise known by me for the day as the Toronto Stadium of Light.

Haway the lads1         My little Sunderland Crazy Corner

We won 3 nil, and with every goal I jumped from my barstool and screamed the place down! Always a bit awkward when you are by yourself, but at the time, emotions take over and you don’t even realise you are on your feet!  Well I don’t anyway!

At half time I had an interesting ‘chat’ with a man who tapped me on the shoulder…

Bloke: I see your team won.  I have been watching you celebrate.

Me: We haven’t won yet, it’s only half time.

Bloke: Oh well I hope to hear you scream again soon then.

Me: :-O Errrrm, bye!  Dexter Alert!

In the words of Mario Balotelli, Why always me?

Weirdos couldn’t dishearten me today though.  Jimmy Mac scored a corker and showed the reasons I have been behind him all the way.  Fletch showed some class with a lovely little back heel flick, and then Sess returned to his former glory in added time.  HAWAY THE LADS!!  Wish I was there tonight.  Not long now though 🙂

Jimmy Mac <3

So with 3 points safely tucked in my back pocket, I merrily made my way home, singing victory songs to myself and buzzing at our win.

I got home to find an email from my Dad, who told me he had taken my Mam to the match!  That’s it, she’s our lucky charm! Mam, you can have my season ticket seat in my absence, you mustn’t miss another match! 😀

Phil got in from work and we decided to have a night in.  I love hanging out at home in the lead up to Christmas, as normally the place is decked in lights and our gorgeous tree.  But being away from home this year we haven’t been able to do that unfortunately.  But we have added our own little touches to get into the festive mood.

For example, Phil bought me a Lindt advent calendar for the 1st December…

Advent Calender

As he doesn’t like chocolate, but I wanted to reciprocate the present, I got him socks with Skiers on.  When in Canada.

Christmas socks

We have also bought a few little Christmas decorations to yuletide the place up a bit.  Before I left, I was given a tree ornament by Emily, Kelly and Ian, so that got pride of place on our little table top tree.

Emily decoration

And we found the cutest little Canadian Santa for our other tiny tree.

Canadian Santa

And what’s Christmas without a green and red bow on your telly, right?

Christmas TV

So worn out and slightly tipsy, it was a night of feet up, Homeland, ice cream.

Ice cream

Then off to bed for a night of wonderful out of the bottom three dreams safe in the knowledge that Santa is, indeed, a Mackem!  😀

Santa is a mackem!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Party with Marty!

  1. Not long until you will be there watching us tear the reigning English Champions a new a*sehole 😀 mind 2 games ago I was queueing up to jump off the wearmouth bridge… Funny how one win can renew optimism me not being fickle in the slightest xx

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