Knitting got cancelled…

So this happened…

Drunken knittersWho says us knitters don’t know how to party!

I don’t remember getting home, but I have just been informed by Phil that when I did, I couldn’t speak.  So it’s probably about the right time to say a huge thanks to Dale, my partner in knitting and wine, and maybe crime, I don’t remember…!

Great night though.

Pretty cool day too.  I went to see Scrooged as part of the $6 Christmas Classics season at Cineplex.  I had the whole of Screen 16 to myself,  Apparently I am the only person in Toronto with good taste! It was brilliant. I plonked myself right in the centre seat of the centre row, just cos I could!  Infact, forget little old Screen 16- I had the whole cinema to myself.  I could get used to this.

IMG_0566     IMG_0599 Cinema all to myself!     Cinema all to mysef!

Then I went shopping in the Eaton Centre.  I got myself a hat…

New hat

and admired the Christmas tree and decorations

Eaton Centre tree     Christmas tree

From here, knitting got cancelled and we went to the pub instead.  That is where I must leave it, for two reasons: I don’t really remember anything after the 4th bottle of wine, and I need to sleep.  So hungover!

So here I am, at 3 in the afternoon, in bed with ice cream.


Wine 1 – Julie 0!


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