It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas market Toronto

Toronto Christmas Market.  This is easily in my top 3 places I have visited in my time here in Toronto.  It was, in a word, magical.

Everything about the place was pure festive fun, as if pulled straight from a Christmas movie in which Phil and I were given the lead roles.

The smells of cinnamon, gingerbread and little fire pits burning.  The sounds of the Candy Cane Christmas Carollers on the stage, the shrieks of happiness from the fairground, and the Ho Ho Ho’ing of Santa in his house.  The beautiful sights of the cascading lights, the huge Christmas tree and the many wonderful stalls.  The taste of the German beers, the chocolate fudge and the toasted marshmallows.  The feel of the chill making you snuggle up close to each other, the heat from the fires when you sit close and the lovely way the mulled wine warms your tummy.  The excitement of Santa’s Lane, Biergartens and the Christmas Tree Maze.

My high hopes were exceeded.  It was wonderful.

The Christmas Market is held in the Distillery District area of Toronto, an old whiskey distillery that is full of Victorian buildings, and now redeveloped into an urban entertainment area.

The Distillery District      Real life Mater from Cars!

The Distillery District is very cool, with art galleries and amazing architecture, so it is the perfect place to hold something like the Christmas Market.

As soon as you walk in, the lovely Christmassy feeling hits you.  There is something for everyone, and entertainment for people of all ages.

Signpost at the Christmas Market

Fun for all ages

The whole place was lit up beautifully, with a big tree dominating the centre of the square and carol singers on the stage.  There were stalls and activities spanning off in every direction.

Toronto Christmas Market

         Stalls and Lights

Walking round all the stalls, surrounded by all the lights and decorations was brilliant.  I could have spent a small fortune here, some of the things on sale were stunning.  However, you also needed to win the lottery to buy a lot of it, as they are made by local artists and displayed in galleries and VERY expensive.

However I couldn’t resist the look of the home made fudge, and had to treat myself to some.  I think Phil can vouch for me here when I say I have never enjoyed fudge as much! So tasty.

Home made fudge

There was a fairground with a train, some children’s rides, a carousel and a ferris wheel.  I love fairgrounds so I was very happy about this!  The sounds and smells changed in this area, it was laughing and giggling rather than carols, and sweet candy flavours filled the air.  Another movie scene literally laid out in front of us!

All the fun of the fair!

What is a Christmas Market in a distillery without visiting the biergarten!  We had the most amazing night here, sitting round the fires drinking mulled wine and German beer, and eating some sausage that I somehow managed to put Phil off by referring to it as a Viz term all night (Some will understand, some won’t.  And frankly, that is the way I want it!)

We sat and chatted, people watched, listened to music, wrapped up warm against the cold in front of a fire.  It was utter perfection and I loved every second of it.  There were people walking round with sleigh bells, singing and wishing others a Merry Christmas

Thirst Elf menu

In the biergartens

I can honestly say  that when I dreamt of coming out to Toronto for Christmas, THIS is what I hoped for.  One of the most romantic festive nights ever ❤

Christmas Market in Toronto


2 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  1. I definitely didn’t fancy a snoodle instead of schnitzel! Not sure what was going through your mind when you came up with that one… xx

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