2013 has me worn out already…

and it’s only 6 days in!

Celebrate good times!

A quiet New Year’s day prepared us for a very unquiet January 2nd!  We were going to Liverpool to watch Sunderland, and staying over at our friends Darren and Dawn”s house in Manchester.  Anytime we are with Darren and Dawn, whether it be for a few sociable drinks or a big night out, it is always messy.  This trip was no different.  Double D seem to have that effect on us, although I am sure they will say it is our fault! 😉

Before we set off I popped into H&M to get a hat as the weather was rubbish and I also got a jumper dress as my outfit wasn’t the warmest.  Love a quick shop me, from leaving the carpark to returning to the car was 18 minutes! I think  that’s a new world record even for me! 🙂 For all the husbands out there cursing Phil for bagging this amazingly fast shopping woman, don’t be misled, it is not the norm.  I am a peruser when I have the time!  But today was about the footy, this was just a quick stop off for necessities!

Shopping in record time!          Bobble hat

The drive to Manchester was packed with ‘oh no’ moments.  The windscreen wiper blade came flying off as we were bombing along the motorway in the pouring rain, which wasn’t ideal!  The radio decided to stop working half way into the journey and we won’t mention that we got lost thanks to my directions…

Finally, we got there about dinnertime and becasue of the nightmare journey we decided to go straight to the pub!  We were only gonna have a couple of drinks before catching the train to Liverpool.  However, 5 bottles of Rekorderlig later we found ourselves still in Manchester, but well on our way to merryness!

A quick pit stop for train drinks later and we were headed for Scouseland.

Me and Phil on the train   Double D on the train

Train drinks

When we got to Liverpool we went straight to the Arkles, THE place to meet up with everyone whenever you play a team here.  It is always packed with Sunderland fans, so we met up with a few faces we hadn’t seen for a while which was really nice.  It was here that Dawn decided she was sick of being small, especially when in such busy pubs, so fancied seeing what it was like being as tall as me and Phil.  It took a chair to reach Phil’s 6 foot 5, but she definitely liked it up there.  Yeah, we see the world a lot differently, it’s not all ankles and crotches when you are a lanky sod 😉

I wish I was a little bit taller...

A few pints later, we strolled along to the ground and into our seats.  These pictures are PRE match, as trust me, we were not smiling come the full whistle.  Sunderland were terrible.  The atmosphere from the Liverpool fans was woeful mind it has to be said, even when the 3rd goal went in SAFC fans were still outsinging the home crowd.  We really do have have superb fans, I don’t think anyone would argue with that.

Ticket At Anfield Darren and Dawn at Anfield

In the ground before kick off    Teams at Kick off

After our 3- 0 hammering we decided that the only sensible thing to do in this situation is drink to forget, and so we headed to the Head of Steam for a drink before catching the last train back to Manchester.

Head of Steam Liverpool  Head of Steam Liverpool

By the time we got back to Manchester, we were more than ready to get started on the Jagerbombs!


Now, to cut a long, drunken story short, we rolled to bed about 4am after buying, and finishing a bottle of vodka back at the Double D residence.  The drive home, mid afternoon the next day, was brilliant!!  I was expecting us to be hungover, silent and heads pounding, especially as the weather was dreadful, but we sang along to the radio all the way, and at one point, we were even dancing!  Not often the journey home is that much fun!

Wet but fun journey home

So that was our last away match for months 😦 We had a brilliant time but the result was disappointing.  This is the month that is gonna make the difference this season, I hope Marty spends big and spends well. I have faith.

We are off to Toronto again tomorrow, which is very cool and so exciting, but we have had a great time at home in England, catching up with friends and family and watching Sunderland.

Our wedding present from my sister and brother in law sums up exactly how I am feeling after spending a couple of weeks at home… It really is where the heart is.  No matter where we are in the world, Sunderland is in our hearts.

Home is where the heart is


9 thoughts on “2013 has me worn out already…

  1. Totally your’s and Phil’s fault… we never drink unless we are with you….. Well, OK, that is a total lie!! I think we’re all as bad as each other. Good times (minus the result) x

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