Toronto – The Sequel

Bon Voyage!

So, we are back in Toronto for part 2 of our Canadian adventure.  Although it is not in the league of such great sequels as Godfather Part II, Toy Story 2 or the epic Short Circuit 2, we are hopeful that it won’t be a disaster of Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry met Lloyd proportions!  (Although it does have some similarities – an example being my response to the Air Hostess asking “Red or white wine?”.  My reply? “Yes please.” *shakes a blushing head*)

For the first time in what feels like forever, I didn’t have to fly across the Atlantic by myself! As much as I don’t mind it now, actually I am getting quite used to it, when I think back to how terrified I was the first time I flew to Boston compared to now, I feel like an old hand!  However, it is always better to fly together.

My Mam and Dad came to pick us up from our home from home – Dave’s house, and drove us to the airport. We have loved being with them for Christmas.  I really miss them when I am away from them, but now that they are whizzkids on the ol’ Skype we speak regularly, which is great.

The 'rents!

Airport pints are always a must, so we found a table in the bar until our flight was called.  I was asked whether an airport pint is any different to a normal pint when I informed Facebook about my early morning cider.  The simple answer to that is YES! It really is, a drink always tastes a bit better before getting on a plane.  I am not scared of flying per se, but it is always easier after that airport pint or two.  Plus, if you are going somewhere exacting, it gets you right in the mood!  *These views are all my own, and not the views of airport bars across the world, although I am sure they will agree.

Newcaste airport pints      IMG_1193

It was an uneventful quick flight to Heathrow where we had a few hours to kill.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you where we spent them…

IMG_1208   IMG_1209   Heathrow airport pints

Phil was driving when we got to Toronto so he stuck to the non alcoholic drinks. I, however, was not so chose the Aspells, lovely cider!  Our tummies were rumbling by now, so we got some snacks.  My cheesecake was seriously nice.  As you can see, if I could have licked that plate without being labelled ‘that scruff from Sunderland sat at the bar’ then I most definitely would have!

The before shot     Get in my belly!

The time to board came, and as we showed our boarding passes to the people who let you on, we were asked to wait one second while they checked something….

“Mr and Mrs Randle, as we are over subscribed on this flight today…”  That’s it, I thought, we are not getting on this plane.  Wrong 🙂 “…We would like to upgrade your seats.  I hope that is OK.”  OK? It is bloody brilliant!  Big, comfy wide seats with loads of leg room and foot rests were ours!  You have no idea how happy that made us, being a combined height of 12 foot 5inches!

We got a menu! We got extra movies! We got massive earphones! We got free booze! (We were getting that anyway to be honest, but they are a lot nicer when they give it to you on this side of the curtain!)  The only other time I had been beyond the curtain was when we were in Row 1 of cattle class on the way back from Florida, and I had the worst hangover ever following an 18 hour drinking session the previous day/night, 9 hours of which was spent drinking around the world at Epcot.  Unfortunately for the poshies, their toilet was closer to me than the cheap loo, and they had the pleasure of hearing me vomming up before we even took off. I don’t belong on this side, but I am very thankful they gave me another shot.  I reckon it was our lovely passport holders that swung it!

Cath Kidston and John Rocha passport holders     All aboard

8 hours, 3 movies (Ruby Sparks, The Amazing Spiderman and Ratatouille) and 2 TV series viewing (Big Bang and New girl) later, we arrived.  We had decided that as much as we liked the last apartment, we wanted to mix it up a bit and stay somewhere new.  I was apprehensive, as I loved the area and the amenities of the last building so much, but we had really fallen in love with the pictures of the new place, so I was excited to get there.  It did not disappoint! It is much more ‘us’ than the last apartment, I could have decorated it myself it is that close to my taste. (These pics were taken the next day, when I had unpacked, hence the sunlight, Beaker on the bed, my knitting on the coffee table and my stuff on the desk!)

Sitting room

IMG_1357   IMG_1359 (2)   IMG_1360 IMG_1361      IMG_1362       Our new home

The actual apartment itself is gorgeous, and we both said straight away that we loved it.  But when we stepped out onto the balcony, still in our coats thankfully as it was in the minus numbers out there, the view literally took our breath away! (Or was that the frost? No, definitely the view :-)) The CN Tower in all it’s lit up glory, the Rogers Centre dome and the sky scrapers of the Financial District in the distance.  Just brilliant.

Rogers Centre from balcony    CN Tower from balcony    CN Tower from balcony

Our body clocks were telling us it was 2am, but the Toronto nightlife was only just beginning to stir.  We listened to our body clocks though and were crashed out within seconds of our heads hitting the pillow.

Even though we had a really lovely night’s sleep in our new bed, which I am happy to report is snoozetastic, we couldn’t shake the tiredness.  It always takes us a few days to settle into the new time zone, but as the holidays spent in England seen us drinking until the early hours a lot, and sleeping until dinnertime, we might take a bit longer to adjust this time.  Although we get up at the same early time on a morning, I have the fortunate luxury of taking it easy, but poor Phil was straight back to work.  A beautiful sunrise made it a little bit easier though, and he went off to work, yawning but happy.

Toronto Sunrise from the balcony

I flung myself onto the amazingly comfy settee and eased into the day with a bit of Moesha, followed by The Littlest Hobo, before tackling my work for the day… unpacking our numerous cases/bags and making this apartment into our home.

Moesha and a cuppa      Unpacking!


It took all day, but once it was all done, I can honestly say I felt totally settled in.  It feels really homely, which is brilliant considering we have been here all of 5 minutes!  I don’t think I will ever get bored of the view either!

I love this view!

(Expect to see variations of this view A LOT, as I can’t stop taking pictures of it at all different times of the day.  I apologise in advance!)

So there you go, our new home for the next 10 weeks here in Toronto.  But I have to say, as much as I do love it here, I am already missing the police sirens, the fact that it is colder in the house than it is outside, the rules about how the blinds need to be closed in three stages and the total fun times of living with my best friend in Southwick!  Seriously, we have came to Toronto to get a warm!

Since Phil accepted the job, we have literally been living out of a suitcase.  The person I know I can always rely on came to our rescue, and offered us the chance to share his house when we were in England .  Not only did Dave open his home, he looked after me while recovering from surgery when Phil was in Boston, and a damn fine job he done too!  I will be eternally grateful for the way that he welcomed us in and took care of me.  He will watch Disney, he will sing along to Grease, he will cry at soppy films and he will advise me on outfits and shoe choices.  He is the gayest non gay best friend a girl could wish for!  GBFF all the way!

Me and Dave years ago in Chaplins     Me and Dave for Movember    Me and My Dave. Bezzies!

        Best friends

As it happens, we are not the only ones who are starting a new somewhere different.  Dave is only days away from starting his own adventure in Wakefield with a new job and a new home, and I want to take this chance to wish him all the best and put it out there publically that if he gets a new best friend, I will personally fly home and knack them! And him!  😉  Wakefield will not know what’s hit them Dave, and Sunderland won’t be the same without ya!  I love you and am looking forward to being shown the sights and sounds of Shakey Wakey.  Anyway, enough of this soppiness, cut ya hair and have a shave ya scruff! 😀 ❤


13 thoughts on “Toronto – The Sequel

  1. Hi Julie

    Definitely the Cath Kidston tavel document wallet that made BA upgrade you. Looking forward to more photos of the Toronto skyline.


    On 10 January 2013 15:57, Mackem on the move!

    • I agree, they saw it and thought ‘She is too snazzy to be on the wrong side of the curtain’ 😀
      I am sure there will be loads more skyline pics to come, I have taken 2 today already haha x

  2. Brilliant and thanks very much and you are very welcome anytime. I must set the record straight though I do not cry at soppy films it is merely that dust seems to get in my eyes at the most inconvenient moments which makes it seem that way! Like now I mean where has all that dust come from 😉

    I do love a sing along like haha. Enjoy your second outing in Canada xx

  3. Let’s put your knowledge to the test then…

    Travelling through a tunnel under sea you never know if it cracks in half you’re never ever gonaa see me but you can have it all if you like you can have it all if you like and you can pay for it the rest of your

    _ _______ _______ ____ ________ _____


    • If only I could get paid to write rubbish, I’d love it! Love passed on to lanky legs, he accepts it and reciprocates it and says hope working for the man is going well.

      Hope all is good in Flicky land xx

  4. Aye, cheers Dave. I’ve just been to the gym to try and burn off all those just-eat takeaways you forced upon me! Been a great help though, thanks.

  5. The man is very generous. On my first day he gave me an iPad4, iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and MacBook Pro, and booked me for a week piss-up in Vegas next Satda.

    I could get to like this being employed malarkey 🙂

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