Gym’ll fix it!

To be clear, I mean the fitness studio, not the shell suit wearing man of questionable sexual ethics.

Anyway, moving on…

I had my operation at the end of October, and was told no exercise (apart from light swimming and walking) until after the year.  Now, months later, I am nearly 2 stone heavier than I was when I went down to surgery.  I had spent a good year going to the gym regularly previous to the op, and was really enjoying exercising, but after months of nothing but a few lengths of the pool I struggled to find the motivation to get back into it.

That is until I put my favourite skinny jeans on and had to breathe in to fasten them, and once fastened, keep my breath in, for as soon as I relaxed someone was gonna get a button in the eye!!  Not so bloody skinny jeans after all!

Motivation defintely required!

I tend to store my excess weight in two places, which unfortunately for me are my hips and my face!  So skinny jeans are out, and balaclavas are in! 😦 Unless of course, I pull my finger out and do something about it now that I am physically able to.

Coming over to Toronto for these next 10 weeks has given me that fresh start I think I needed to get going.  Our building has a gym and spa facilities on the top floor, meaning I really have no excuse not to go for it.  So after a day unpacking and catching up with sleep, I took the plunge!  I donned my gym gear, which are all easily a size too small for me now, and took a backwards glance in the mirror to watch as my wobbly bum marched itself straight up to the 22nd floor!

I was very impressed by the fitness centre.  It is huge, and has windows running the full length down one side to give you a great view of the city as you work out.  It has a good selection of machines, and a good number of each one.  Not that this was a problem this first time, as I was the only one there – one of the benefits of being able to go during the day when everyone else is at work.  However, Phil has also decided he wants to get fitter and healthier and is getting in on the action so we also go together on an evening, which, if last night was anything to go by, is just as empty.  Fingers crossed it stays that way.  Last thing I want is loads of models in leotards looking awesome while I turn a not so healthy shade of purple next to them!

My gym

Anyone who knows me will tell you that when I set my mind on something, I live by the ‘gan like the clappers’ philosophy, so taking advantage of an empty gym I have done a couple of  1 hour and 45 minutes sessions working my way round, getting reacquainted with the torture machines.  It is not easy, let me tell you, I am aching from my neck down to my toes (Note – need new trainers!) and when I leave I resemble a tomato that’s just been dunked in the bath!  You see when I exercise, I sweat.  And I mean I really sweat.  I change colour and I become a human shower.  But coming out of the gym with a full face of make up on and dry hair means you just haven’t worked as hard as you could have in my sweaty opinion!

I am all for less jiggle!

My operation was the beginning of the major process of sorting out the struggles I have had all my life with food (I explain my disorder in this post, if you don’t know already know.  Turns out I am not just a freaky eater after all!) so as well as exercising again, I am now trying  to introduce my palate to different foods that I haven’t eaten before.  Most of these foods will be everyday foods to most people reading this, but to me, trying anything at all is a BIG DEAL.

Baby steps to eating and exercise

I am not going to kid myself here, I know I wont be eating properly anytime soon, but the smallest thing is a massive achievement.  With this in mind, I am currently concentrating on breakfast, with it being the most important meal of the day n all that jazz.  Now remember back to when I said the things you take for granted eating every day I never have when you read this major groundbreaking news…

I have been eating fruit!

Yes me, and fruit! And yoghurt!  Real probiotoc good stuff, not just Rolo or Flake! I have only just gotten used to having cereal, and even then it has to turn my milk chocolatey before I will go anywhere near it!  And look at me now, having fruit!  I filled a few cartons from the fruit salad counter at the local supermarket and am giving different things a try each day!

The whole new place and fresh start really helps with this too.  It’s just the feeling of being here, waking up to gorgeous sunsets, being able to sit down with my husband and actually eat breakfast together, realising that I love nothing better than a nice cup of tea (which is another new discovery, until now it was just a method of making biscuits soggy for the last 30 years!)  These small things all help with motivation for me.  We all get motivated in different ways, and at the minute I just feel really up for it and I think a lot of that has to do with my surroundings.

BreakfastDon’t get me wrong though, I love a pint and a slice of cake, and I won’t stop having either, I will just work that bit harder in the gym on these days when I know I am gonna be treating myself.  I will give it my all, but I will also enjoy my life.  This approach works for me.  I know some people would frown upon this, but at the end of the day ‘Work hard, play hard’ applies here.  If I didn’t treat myself, I wouldn’t stick with it.

Race you to the bar...!

So with that, I am off to hobble over to the kitchen to put the kettle on and pop my pop tart into the toaster, before heading upstairs (via the lift thank goodness, stairs are a killer!) and adding an extra 10 minutes onto my cross trainer time! 😀

Brew time!          Nom Nom! Strawberry shake poptart!


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