Where did Sunday go?

So true!

Saturday has always been my favourite.  I get to spend all day with my husband, watching football and having a drink.  The only thing is now that we are in Toronto it is a whole different kind of brilliant!

Instead of the match kicking off at 3pm, it’s 10am.  Instead of having a couple before the game, having a 90 minute break then going out for the night afterwards, we drink throughout the game and carry on afterwards.  Instead of spending too much, we spend FAR too much!

So when we wake up on Sunday morning groggy and with banging heads, we always vow ‘Never again!’ But what we really mean is ‘Can’t wait for next weekend.’

We decided that this weekend we would introduce ourselves to the neighbourhood by going on a pub crawl, from 10 in the morning.  We managed 5 pubs before 8.30pm, at which point we stumbled home and crashed out within seconds of getting in!

It was my plan to get pictures in each pub, and do a little write up.  The pictures started off nice enough, then descended into blurry shots of, well, shots!  Also the memories from the latter pubs are rather hazy, so it didn’t quite work as I had soberly planned, but I will give it a go anyway…

Scallywags – Not technically in our neighbourhood, it is 20 minutes away on the subway, but it is our first choice pub to watch the football.

Subway          Husband waiting for subway <3

It has loads of screens, showing all the premier league games, and is open from 7am for early kick offs.  Phil had a ‘soccer breakfast’, we watched Sunderland wipe the floor with West Ham and we drank Coors light.

We were the only Sunderland fans in today, in amongst Everton fans and even a Mag!  But that didn’t stop us from celebrating like mad for all 3 goals.  HAWAY!!  I had my lucky charms on so am taking full credit for our win.

Haway the lads!     Us in Scallys

Soccer breakfast!     My SAFC lucky charms

Elephant and Castle – Back in our neighbourhood after Scallys, and we decided to start in the Elephant and Castle, to give us a little taste of England. 😀

Elephant and Castle

Absolutely lovely pub, huge aswell.  We sat at the bar and the staff were great.  The place was pretty empty, apart from a group of friends in one of the coves, so we had the place to ourselves. We didn’t get anything to eat, but the menu is all British pub grub, so I imagine we will be returning to try it out.  Great place, not a ‘bar’ like a lot of places in Toronto are, this had a really good homely pub feel about it.  Really liked it here.

Lovely little pub          Drinks in the Elephant and Castle

Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill – Great big sports bar with HUGE screen above the bar.  It was showing the playoffs in the American football and the place had a fair few more people in than the Elephant and Castle.  The bar staff were brilliant, she recognised our accents straight away (well, kind of, she guessed Leeds haha) and made the service very personal.

Shoeless Joe's - onto the pitchers!

We met another couple sitting at the bar, and spent the rest of the night with them.  They were originally planning to go to the pictures, but the allure of a neighbourhood pub crawl proved too tempting, so sorry for the hangover if you are reading Iva and Scott.  Great night though 😀

Our partners in pub crawl!

We spent a fun couple of hours chatting and drinking.  And eating!  Thanks Scott 😀 I tried a little bit of everything, beer definitely helps with my introduction to food!

Grace O’Malleys – Irish bar.  This is where things start to get blurry, both photographs and memories!  I remember at one point both me and Phil missed our stools/swung too much and ended up on our bum!  I remember Jagers.  I remember laughing.

It is blurry from Gracies onward!          I blame the jagers!

Crocodile RockI remember playing pool, being disappointed that I couldn’t get one of the famous drinks that they set on fire for ‘heath and safety reasons’ and falling in love with a bucket and once again, I remember laughing.

Steamwhistle beers and bucket

From here, we sensibly came home, via the shop apparently as when we woke up we had tea bags, chocolate milk, a kit kat chunky… and a new bucket!  I remember none of  this.  Clothes were strewn around the apartment, random socks in the passage and my coat and bag next to the settee with no sign of my leggings!


I plonked myself on the sofa and knitted the day away while crying at Ghost, laughing at Storage Wars and ouching at my head.

Good old hangover Sundays Toronto Style.

Turns out we love our new neighbourhood!  Bring on next weekend!


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