Brrrrr-illiant week!

Snowy Toronto

Due to exploring, exercising and being too freezingly numb to type, I haven’t updated my blog for a while! So apologies for that.

I have, however, got a multitude of photographs to explain where I have been and what I have been up to.

The weather here has gone from the pretty typical winter cold that we are used to in England, to minus double numbers!  I was looking longingly at the snowy pictures of Sunderland one day, to waking up to a white world outside the window the next.  The snow has found Toronto, and boy does it like it here.  We have experienced -22 some days, and the warmest it has been all week is about -13.  It’s just gone winter crazy round these parts… and I have to say, I am loving it! 😀

Before the snow started I was spending my time split between exercising in the gym and exploring the city.  The gym and spa is just upstairs, and mostly empty during the day so I have been spending a lot of time there.

Room on the 22nd Floor    Weights    Does what it says n the door

Gym    Spa pool

Every time I go for a walk I discover new places, new sights and sounds, new cafes and coffee shops.  I never get bored of walking round Toronto.

There isn't just birds in trees!                   Ice rink

 Superhero graffiti                Phone home!

Just a car bursting through the wall, as they do

We have had a few days and nights on the pop aswell, obviously!

Scallys for the match   In Jack Astors   American Football at St Louis   Bar snacks    Heading downtown for the night    Slushy and steak sandwich   Night out watching the basketball   Younge and Dundas Square for the cinema   Wine and Big Bang   All wrapped up for a night out!

As well as the gym, I decided to join a studio that does fitness classes and personal training.  I am thoroughly enjoying it 😀  It is really hard work but great fun.  I have joined their Bootcamp, and took in a couple of classes so far – Zumba and Kettlebells.  It is a 35 minute walk there so by the time I get there I am frozen and knackered already! 60 Minute class or Bootcamp then another 35 minutes walk home.  That usually ends up taking a couple of hours though, as I call into coffee shops along the way to get hot drinks and watch the world go by 😀

Urban Playgorund Fitness studio     Mat corner     Hot chocolate

Toronto is a beautiful city, and even though it is so full of hustle and bustle, it looks so peaceful in the snow.

Cold saddle!          Standing on the corner

Streetcars          Snowy trees in a church yard

I guess there won't be any chess today?          Squirrel, with a nut, lokig at me like I am gonna pinch it!

That squirrel thought I was gonna nick his nut! And these birds, well, I suppose they thought I was gonna feed them…

I was terrified as they all flew at me!! Just stood there with my eyes closed clicking my camera! Priorities!

The birds!!

The birds!!

That last picture, the bird looking up at me cracks me up, he is like “Well?  Where’s the food?”

We also went shopping.  The January sales took a hammering 😀  Some of my new purchases included new gym gear, make up, nail varnish and underwear, and for to help with the cold…

a new pair of Hunter Wellies, and some Calvin Klein earmuffs and gloves.

My fandabidozie new Hunters       Calvin earmuffs

Calvin mitts

So that just about sums what I have been up to.  Mostly in pictures as it is just too tricky to type in these mittens… 😉


6 thoughts on “Brrrrr-illiant week!

  1. Hi Julie

    Fantastic photographs, I love the freeze frame photographs of the birds, Alfred Hitchcock has nowt on you.


    On 24 January 2013 22:35, Mackem on the move!

    • 😀 Thanks, I was terrified, but kept thinking it would make good photographs haha. I am gonna take something n my bag for all the animals, like squirrels. They just come right up to your feet and look up at you waiting haha! x

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