Little ol’ me!

Hi there readers!

The vast majority of people that will be visiting here are going to be my friends and family from Sunderland, England I would imagine. They HAVE to put up with my patter because they are related and/or had the good taste to choose me as a friend!

So hello to you lot! 

But for anyone who has just happened to stumble across my page, I would like to welcome you to my blog and explain that I am moving from Sunderland, England to Boston, USA, and would like you to join this Mackem* on the move as I chronicle the highs and lows of leaving my home town and starting a new life in a new country!

*I should start by explaining that I am a mackem, which is the name of people that are from Sunderland.  Scousers are from Liverpool, geordies (boooo they are our footballing rivals!) are from Newcastle… and mackems are from Sunderland.  I absolutely love my home city, and am proud to show you a few pictures I have taken of our coastlline and riverside, which is where I live.


Now that is clear, I shall carry on.

My name is Julie and I am a newly married lady, who is about to, hopefully, move across the world!

My husband is called Phil and he is dreamy, hee hee!  Seriously, he is tall, dark and handsome and the sweetest person that has ever been created!  It is like he can read my thoughts, hopes and dreams straight from my head, and he makes them all come true.  He is hilarious and so clever.  He makes me very proud and I am a very VERY lucky girl to have found him.  Vomit worthy, I know! Sorry, but it’s all true Officer!


I suppose I could be described as a little bit quirky, and not averse to daydreaming.  I am outgoing and sometimes have ‘blonde’ moments in which I make a fool of myself, usually quite publically and after a couple of drinks. I am stubborn and I prefer it when I get my own way.  I am a qualified Nursery Nurse and I have the best time working with 3 year old children, as it is fair to say, we pretty much love the same things, Disney and sweeties topping the bill.


I love my football team, Sunderland AFC (Soccer for any American readers, however I will never call it that again from this point onwards!)

and I love Harry Potter.  Some may say a little bit too much for a woman of my age, but some have no idea what they are talking about!

I love Foo Fighters and I love Mcfly, and I am the fussiest eater you will probably ever meet.  That fussiness does not extend to alcohol though, and I am a very big fan of having a tipple or ten!

I can be very girlie when I am in the mood, and I am addicted to Soap and Glory

but the majority of the time I am what the English class as a bit of a Ladette, a tom boy if you like.


I like anything retro and the things that you will probably throw away because they are no longer fashionable adorn my home.  I am the proud owner of a Vespa, and I if I could choose any era to live in it would be the 60’s.

I love taking photographs, and ‘documenting’ my life with pictures, so I am sure they will play a big part in my blogging style (you may have noticed already!)

My friend’s have just received a message asking them to contribute a word here to help with my description, and they very generously offered up a few corkers, although i can smell the sarcasm coming from one or two of them…

“Infectious”      “Magnanimous”      “Hopeless Romantic”       “Proud”     “Usually drunk”      “Away with the fairies”     “Enchanting” 

(The last one there is from my husband, obviously he is slightly biased!)

Speaking of my friends, I am a firm believer that it’s all about quality, not quantity, and I am very lucky to have some amazing friends, 3 in particular stand head and shoulders above the crowd!  In the interests of equality I have 2 best friends, one female, one male!  Their names are Kelly and Dave, and luckily for me (and Kelly) her husband Ian is also one of my best friends too.

Kelly and I have been bezzies since we started school and have gone through everything together! Her and Ian have a beautiful baby girl, Emily, and to say I will miss them when I move is the understatement of the year!  I am terrified of moving somewhere and having no friends, and although I am sure people will be in my life, I will NEVER find a friend like Kelly.  And nor would I want to.  She is literally a one off, and I love her very much.


Me and Dave have been friends since we were 18 years old, when he trained me to become the greatest barmaid in the world and I forced him to love me!  He has been there for me through thick and thin, and I love the silly bugger to bits.  He is nice to live with too.  He makes my dinner and makes me cry laughing.  What more could you ask for from a roomie?  Oh, and he is gonna be a millionaire, so he is handy to keep around!

I like to believe I am in living in my own little movie.  I realise that this is a pretty unrealistic view on life, but I also don’t see any good reason why I can’t be the main character in my own little life long RomCom.  Occasionally, along the course of life, my particular movie has seen scenes from horrors, thrillers and even a couple of X rated films, but I am finally, hopefully, about to embark on the chick flick I have been waiting for!

Part of that is down to the big move. My husband has been offered the opportunity to work in Boston.  At first I wasn’t struck by the idea at all, I am a real home bird and like to be surrounded by friends and family, football and familiarity.  But after visiting the city for myself, I felt like it would be an opportunity that we would be silly not to take.


If this lasts 3 month or 3 years, no-one is to know, but what I do know is that we will certainly try our best to make the most of every second!  Our American adventure*!

(*Visa permitting!! GULP)

The main reason though, is the fact we are just embarking on our Happy Ever After!  This time last year in Florida, with a little help from Donkey from Shrek, my usually shy Phil got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!


Of course I said yes and we got married in Gretna Green on the 9th August 2012 and had a small, but perfect celebration with close friends and family

Credit to Ian West for the image

Credit to Ian West for the image

Where we go from here, I hope you will join me to find out…



20 thoughts on “Little ol’ me!

    • AW! Thanks. I thought it would be a nice kind of online diary, for me to keep, for family who don’t have facebook – that kind of thing. Plus it gives me an excellent chance to prattle on, and you know how much I love to do that! :p xx

  1. Aw I loves it! Couldn’t ask for a better bezzie. Love ya bridey/chief! Can’t wait for it to become my daily routine/obsession. Xxxx

    • YEAY, do you feel famous?? 😀
      I am really excited about having this as a hobby once I am over there, and in Toronto too. It will hopefully make me get out there and do things rather than be scared and stay at home!
      And you can tell people how much of a great friend I am :p That will win over potential new mates at Book Club 😐
      Love ya Kidder, you can’t forget me now!! xxx

    • Thanks hubster!! 😀
      I spent absolutely ages choosing the layout and the modifying the colours and things with that kind of look in mind!
      See you absolutely read my mind!

      You’re a wizard Harry!!

      (inlove) xxxx

  2. Mrs R i am so glad and proud of you even though i dont know you as much as everyone else but i can see you are really happy and i wish you and the hubby all the luck in the world!… you are such a caring loving person and easy to get on with and i am so lucky to have met you! All the best chucks!! xx

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