On the first day of Christmas…

My true love gave to me, a gingerbread Santa that was very yummy!

(Although crazy hot, some mad ginger going on in there!)

20121211-104000 AM.jpg

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No plans means one thing… hic!

Beer and sports

This weekend, Phil and I decided that we would basically chill out, for the first time since being here we didn’t have plans to do anything so we thought we would relax and see where the wind took us!

And that is how the weekend came to be able to get summed up in 5 words.

Drink.  Football.  Pubs.  Boxing.  Hangover.

So with that summary telling the story, the only thing left is to look through my phone and post the tomfoolery I caught on camera…

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My Toronto birthday!

Birthday advent opening!

The 4th December.  My birthday, and officially the best advent calendar door to open, bar none.  Getting a year older becomes less of a celebration once you’ve hit and partied away your 21st birthday, but spending it in Toronto really takes the edge off, it has to be said! 😀

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Knit and Natter

Keeping myself busy while out here in Toronto hasn’t been a problem so far to be honest; I have been exploring the city, taking in new sports, shopping and generally being a tourist.  Even when I am not out and about, I have enjoyed relaxing in many ways too, such as reading, hanging out at the apartment, using the spa and swimming.  But me being me, I am always on the look out for new things to do and ways to meet new people.

That is when I decided I would give knitting a go.

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Niagara Falls Baby!


Exciting.  Apparently, you can’t come to Toronto without visiting Niagara Falls, so that is exactly what we did this weekend!

An early start on Saturday saw us watching the Sunderland match at 7.45am (the less said about that the better) and then getting wrapped up in our winter woollies, packing our case and heading off on our first Canadian roadtrip 😀

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Midweek Montage

There is a lot going on around Toronto this week.  The 100th Grey Cup is being held here, which is the championship game of the 2012 Canadian Football League (CFL) season, so there are loads of activities around the city for visitors and Canadian Football fans.  There are street parties, festivals and adrenaline zones, amongst other things!  Which is all great, and fun to partake in, but sometimes you just want some peace and quiet too.

So my week has been quite mixed so far; I’ve had some excitement, I’ve done some chilling.  Slurped a few beers, had myself a few jacuzzis.  Shopped, slept, sauntered.

I thought the best way to show you this would be with a little montage of pictures I have collected over the last couple of days, and so that is what I have done.

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Just the ticket!

After nearly a full week of resting up and taking it easy out here in Toronto, I was feeling good.  So good in fact, that we thought we would celebrate by starting the weekend early and having a few little Thursday night drinks!  We had a lot of plans this weekend, so I was definitely pleased to be on the mend.

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Toronto Remembers

We woke early on Remembrance Sunday, having planned on going to the Old City Hall for the service, Colour Parties march parade and laying of the wreaths.  We may not be in England today, like normal, but we still wanted to make sure we paid our respects to the fallen heroes.

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I think I’m gonna like it here!

Driving from the airport, winding down from the stresses of the journey from Hell and seeing the skyline of Downtown Toronto through the hazey mist gave me just the buzz I needed!

We were both very excited to see where we would be living for the next 5 weeks; up until this point Phil had been staying in a hotel close to the airport, waiting for me to arrive.  But now we were headed to our new Toronto home and couldn’t wait to find it!  I was in charge of directions, much to the horror of all of my male readers I am sure!  So finding it wasn’t exactly the smooth sailing ride we were both hoping for.  Canadian roads are tricky!  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

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