Brrrrr-illiant week!

Snowy Toronto

Due to exploring, exercising and being too freezingly numb to type, I haven’t updated my blog for a while! So apologies for that.

I have, however, got a multitude of photographs to explain where I have been and what I have been up to.

The weather here has gone from the pretty typical winter cold that we are used to in England, to minus double numbers!  I was looking longingly at the snowy pictures of Sunderland one day, to waking up to a white world outside the window the next.  The snow has found Toronto, and boy does it like it here.  We have experienced -22 some days, and the warmest it has been all week is about -13.  It’s just gone winter crazy round these parts… and I have to say, I am loving it! 😀

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Midweek Montage

There is a lot going on around Toronto this week.  The 100th Grey Cup is being held here, which is the championship game of the 2012 Canadian Football League (CFL) season, so there are loads of activities around the city for visitors and Canadian Football fans.  There are street parties, festivals and adrenaline zones, amongst other things!  Which is all great, and fun to partake in, but sometimes you just want some peace and quiet too.

So my week has been quite mixed so far; I’ve had some excitement, I’ve done some chilling.  Slurped a few beers, had myself a few jacuzzis.  Shopped, slept, sauntered.

I thought the best way to show you this would be with a little montage of pictures I have collected over the last couple of days, and so that is what I have done.

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Toronto Remembers

We woke early on Remembrance Sunday, having planned on going to the Old City Hall for the service, Colour Parties march parade and laying of the wreaths.  We may not be in England today, like normal, but we still wanted to make sure we paid our respects to the fallen heroes.

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